⏱ 2 Mins of Practical Advice

2021's almost here.

Jim Collins is a polymath that companies hire at around $100,000+ just to speak. This guy’s written 7 books, each better than the last, and he’s probably one of the most interesting speakers I’ve come across.

He’s been on the Tim Ferriss show twice, and there’s a sweet piece of advice that’s especially useful around this time of the year. Something I heard recently.

At the start of every year, Jim writes down a set of goals. You can call them resolutions if you like, but here’s the format.

It’s 3 sets of 3.

If you have more than 3, you’ve got no priorities.

We can agree with that, right?

He writes them down in his notes app, nothing special. And he’ll title them.

  • Top 3 Things To Get Done This Year

  • Top 3 Supporting Goals

  • Top 3 Things To Stop or Significantly Reduce This Year

He mentions that he keeps these 3 at the very top of his notes and will have a bunch of other things below, but the key for him is to remember the point of the year. And the point of the year besides having fun is to get those 3 things done.

The rules are that the top 3 must get done, and the supporting goals must actually support the top 3.

I’d go a step further and make sure they aren’t vague; they’re practical and actionable. They have a set of criteria. Example: Get fit vs. Lose 15 lbs of Fat and Add 10 lbs of Muscle.

Why did this resonate with me?

If you struggle with priorities as I do, this format forces you to pick only 3. It then reminds you of it every single day when you look at your list.

Not only that, but the next 3 in line are also nudging you to get those top 3 done.

The wording is also very active. These aren’t your “resolutions;” they’re things you need to get done. And over this next week, I’ll be writing up my set. Care to join?

Have a fantastic week, and I’ll talk to you in the new year!