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The big link dump is here (2min read)

Hey there guys and gals, I wrote out a massive travel-related blog that I was going to send you but realized about 80% in that it was a lot of complaining and not a lot of value.

And hey, the premise is good, but the execution is a bit 💩 for now. So I’ll send that one when it’s ready. Instead, I thought, crap, I haven’t done a big link dump in a long time.

I’ve given you some good little golden nuggets, but where’s that minted 1KG block? Where’s the good stuff?

I know you probably signed up for this newsletter because you read one of my articles on productivity, business, or tech - so what I’m going to do is link you all the stuff I’ve been into lately.

Here goes nothing.

👩‍💻 Tech

💰 Business

🧘‍♂️ Productivity

  • ☯️ This meditation style mentioned by Naval Ravikant has helped me immensely, and I haven’t been doing it for very long, either.

  • 📧 Unsubscribing from emails that I “kinda” want to keep sucks; I want to get rid of the clutter but keep the info - Unroll.me does exactly this - it rolls them up into 1 email.

Let me know if you’re liking these and want more.

I hope you enjoyed this 2-minute email. If you found something useful here, please share it with someone that might find some value too. Spread the love 😎