📣 This One's For Content Creators

Here are all the changes everywhere.

If you’re reading this email, you’re in one or more of the camps of productivity, tech, business, or content - this email is definitely on the content side because, boy oh boy, some big platform moves have happened in the last month.

✍ Are you a writer?

Because things are happening, and it could help you fatten that purse as the Richest Man in Babylon might say.

News Break, breaking the news.

News Break's platform just hit the scene with a lot of Chinese money backing it, and Medium writers went berzerk. Why? Because News Break, with its 45 million monthly actives, is retaining creators with $1000 USD a month.

If anyone has written on Medium, they understand how difficult it is to gather enough reads to get to that. Meanwhile, anyone can apply to be a writer on Newsbreak and, once accepted, can earn, much like Medium but with a guaranteed sum.

Here are my experiences and some other details you might want to hear.

  • You can publish already-published work, perfect for those who have gathered a repository over the years.

  • You need to publish at least 12 articles a month that are over 1000 words to qualify.

  • The platform is clickbaity, think Buzzfeed, or YouTube.

  • And, more than anything, it’s legitimate; this is their strategy to win in the content wars - pay creators, who would have thought, right?

The application takes 5-7 days (on paper), but mine took a day. So go for it, ladies and gents, cushion that revenue.

Medium going short-form.

Medium made some changes that will display your article in its entirety if it’s less than 100 words long. Some people are calling it a monetized Twitter.

  1. You don’t provide a heading. Instead, you bold the first sentence and continue writing.

  2. You can still upload snippets, links, and pictures.

  3. You can still earn from them feat. the partner program

I’ve published one about my favorite productivity tool as of late, but let me say something, off about 40-ish reads, it’s earned something like 12 cents.

See, this was obvious. You’ll get paid on reading time, and with short-form, there’s less of it. Although Medium bets that people will adopt a style to post 4-5 times a day and earn 50 cents to a dollar per post, their reach is still up for debate.

I’ll be posting more short-form content to get a better handle on the possibilities - then I’ll let you know how it went. It’s good to note that this is only an option. Medium is still very much a, well, medium-length platform.

📹 Do you make videos?

Sweet, me too; here’s a couple of things you should know if you either publish them or consume them (‘if’ haha, I know you’re as addicted as me).

YouTube is fucking small creators.

Crass? Yes, but true. I published this recently: Small Creators vs. YouTube’s New Terms of Service.

But I’ll give you the TLDR. YouTube changed their terms of service. The terms of service were this: To earn money on YouTube, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch-time.

These rules came about in 2018 in response to the 2016 election meddling and the fact that ads were showing up on controversial videos.

Now, with all that as a distant memory, YouTube said in their new terms that they have a right to monetize any video, regardless of whether they’re in the partner program or not.

  • 22 million out of 37 million channels have under 1000 subscribers. Pooled together, and with no revenue sharing, YouTube is going to make a killing out of these smaller creators, all without paying them.

  • Even if you don’t want to display ads on your content, YouTube says that they can and will.

All references and numbers in the original article.

If you’re a small creator, this is worrying. If you’re a viewer, you’re about to see a lot more ads. Hey, don’t get mad at me; I’m the messenger.

2 months on YouTube, here are my numbers.

As much as I love the “shit on YouTube party,” for all its flaws, it’s damn powerful.

  • I posted 15 videos

  • Received 4.5k views

  • 475 hours of watch time

  • 177 subscribers

  • 120k impressions

That’s insane.

You see 4.5k views on a single video and think, well, that’s a flop. But that only happens when you’re a viewer. When you’re creating content, you really see how far you can go.

With a “measly” 4.5k views, people have spent about 500 hours watching my content; it blows my mind.

No matter the type of content you produce, articles, photos, illustrations, or audio - turn the process into a video too. It’s worth your time.

Articles can be narrated; illustrations can be turned into speed drawing; photos can be turned into tutorials. As a creator, you’ll have one more avenue for revenue, and I’m not talking about Adsense.

  • Products and merchandise.

  • Subscriptions

  • Affiliates

  • Commissions

And more. Widen that top-funnel and grow that audience.

I hope you enjoyed this one. I’ve made the mistake of pooling several different niches into this email list, so apologies if this wasn’t your cup of tea!

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If you got some value out of it, definitely consider sharing! I’ll see you in the next one.



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