Why bother with another email clogging up your inbox?

Because you don’t have time to find the cream of crop when it comes to self improvement, productivity, or life lessons.

You don’t have time to go through a 30 day fitness experiment - not knowing if it will work.

You don’t have time to digest a 300 page book - to extract the 2-3 core lessons out of it.

You don’t have time to go to some tiny country and make dozens of mistakes before enjoying the adventure.

But I do, and I’m putting it all here. I’m giving it to you not on a silver platter, but on an even lighter aluminum platter.

So stick around every week for a few 4-5 minute reads with all the links you care about, all the stuff that actually works, and all the entertainment you need at my expense.

What’s in the email?

Not spam. Because if you’re eating ‘meat’ from a can, we need to have an intervention.

  • Lessons learned the hard way

  • New strategies, tactics and realisations

  • Case studies and lessons from better people (not a high bar)

  • New resources, apps, books, products that have made a difference in my life

  • Links to my latest and greatest Medium Blogs

  • Poorly conceived comedy riddled with spelling errors

  • Other things I think you might like

Come with me on an adventure!

Be part of the community, I’ve got a lot planned, and I want you to come fail with me so I don’t feel as bad :)

Happy to see you a part of this. One more Professional Generalist in the making!